About me

My name is Pamela and I currently live in the beautiful region of Alsace, France. Our little family (me, the Frenchman, and the little Sausage) have been living in several cities in the last few years. We had the opportunity to do so - so we did! 
I am German-Australian (born and raised in Australia - Perth, to be exact - to German parents), married to a Frenchman, and mother to the trilingual Little Sausage. I have had a love/hate relationship with France, ever since moving here for love about six years ago (with some short stints outside in the UK and Australia).
I love to cook, host dinner parties, and bake things that make people close their eyes and smile. I like to dabble in gardening but don't have a garden or balcony. I heart IKEA so much that I practically memorise the catalogue (sad, yes I know), and I love lighting candles on a cloudy day. I love to decorate our home and have a thing for Scandinavian interiors and design. I love fashion and makeup, but don't always have the time or confidence to do anything too bold; and I have a weakness for visiting chateaux since I had nothing even close to it growing up in Australia. I am constantly fascinated that our apartment (and most of the buildings, statues, and famous visitors) is older than my colonised country! 
Food shopping in foreign supermarkets makes me giggle with joy. I love snow, sunny spring days, and overcast stormy skies. I love a good barbecue, picnic and bike ride. I love hot, milky coffees and fancy belle-epoche style cafés serving amazing cakes. Angelina in Paris, and Hotel Sacher in Vienna are particular favourites. 
And I ALWAYS have room for dessert!

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