Monday, 12 January 2015

January 2015 update

December has absolutely exhausted me! We hosted AirBnB guests all December (two sets of guests for most nights) plus family for Christmas and friends for New Year. And now, I am completely pooped!

January has raced by and life and its events has completely overwhelmed us for the last few weeks. None more than this week's tragic events in Paris. I have family and friends there, and having lived there ourselves, I felt so sad for what's going on. But after the solidarity march on Sunday, I do have a faint glimmer of hope for humanity. And that's something. On a brighter note, the Frenchman started back at work so things are slowly returning to a more static routine. Things have been all over the place lately, and although his shifts are not ideal, at least they are fixed so we know exactly what days and times he is working and can now plan around that. The Little Sausage is also back to school and whilst she normally loves it and is an all-round "good egg", it's been a bit tough at night lately, with me needing to get out of bed up to seven times a night for her. It's been a rough two weeks for me, I can tell you that! I feel a bit like a zombie but coffee is my best friend at the moment and at least it allows me to function somewhat normally for the time being...

I hope things will calm down and we can enjoy our annual wedding anniversary break this weekend. Baden Baden, just a 30 minute train ride away will be this years destination! I'm really excited since there will be massages and a stay at the roman baths. I'm needing this big time!

Here are some highlights of our the last few weeks:

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