Monday, 25 February 2013

February update

Things are slowly coming together into a routine. I've begun work, five days a week, which is a new and slightly daunting process for me as I've not been in work for a while and all this in an international environment.

Our new nanny has started taking care of the Little Sausage, as well as another little girl from her afternoon childcare. The nanny takes care of them in the morning and then brings them both to the childcare centre in the afternoons. I'm off work in time to pick up the Little Sausage at 5pm.

The Frenchman has a new role at work and will be travelling to the U.S. in April for two weeks and then to London throughout the year after that. It's exciting for him, as he is itching to do more than what his current role involves.

I still have a love/hate relationship with Paris (and France in general) but I do seem a bit more zen about it these days. I think having a second income will allow us to enjoy our city a little more, and now that we have a nanny it allows the Little Sausage to experience more outside of our current boring routine.

Our upstairs neighbours are horribly inconsiderate and most of their neighbours are pretty mad at them, including us. They are noisy, must be the clumsiest people I've ever come across (considering how often they drop things and bang around up there!) and generally play their music too loud, for the whole building to hear. Apparently you can even hear them on the ground floor (they live on the 5th) - which tells you something about just how loud and obnoxious they are. They have frequent parties on the weekends. Yesterday they starting singing (very badly!) and it just drives me nuts. We've tried asking them nicely; exasperated, I've yelled at them a couple of times; the gardienne (building caretaker) has had words with them and still they piss everyone off. They can't be kicked out (thanks to the liberal tenancy laws), and they don't seem to care that so many people hate them for it. And I'll just add that they're in their 40s - so they definitely should know better. For now, we just have to deal with it, as much as it stresses me out to do so.

I will be trying to take part in the FMS Photo a Day for March again, so hopefully you'll see a lot more updates around here. I've been too busy this last month to keep up to date as much as I've wanted to but hopefully with things settling down more around here, things like this blog will return to normal.

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