Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's been happening lately - October update

It's been a while since I've updated but here goes...

The Little Sausage has been accepted into the part-time childcare ('Halte-Garderie') just as we'd hoped and is doing nicely... it took a bit of time to get her settled in and since the mornings are generally when she has her nap, she was a little grouchy to start with. She's been doing four mornings a week and seems to really enjoy getting out of the house and playing with different toys and children.

But now, thanks to the lovely ladies at the Halte Garderie, she will be doing five afternoons a week, starting next Monday. Thank god! A less grouchy baby and some free time for myself to study, read, clean/tidy, cook and bake! Hopefully I can also find some part-time work however the hours will not suit the limited hours she's taken care of and we'll have to find a solution for the rest... hmmmm.

She hasn't been speaking as much (or at all!) as the other kids her age and we put that down to her trying to absorb three languages at once... the poor thing has me speaking German with her; the Frenchman, his family, and everyone we encounter outside the house speaking French to her; and her hearing the Frenchman and I speaking English to each other (as well as us watching British TV and her watching British kids TV channel: Ceebeebies). Ooof! She has started mimicking certain German words and even though she deliberately doesn't say "Mamma" (I've heard her make the "ma" sound so when I tell her to say "mamma" she just smirks!), she addresses her pappa as "Gagga", and makes the sounds for "danke" (thank you), "da" (there), and "ja" (yes). She also shakes her head to say 'no', which is quite adorable. She responds to both German and French phrases such as "let's change your nappy' and 'let's go brush your teeth' by running in the appropriate direction and waiting in front of the changing table or sink. I'm sometimes surprised at how clever she is when I've asked her to do something that I'm not expecting her to be able to understand, so I guess she may not speak yet but it is definitely sinking into her tiny sponge-brain!

In other news, we're very close to finishing the refurnishing and settling in to our apartment - we just need to buy a bed and mattress (this weekend if everything goes to plan!) and we can stop sleeping on the sofa bed mattress on the bedroom floor! Success! The kitchen is 95% done, with a few minor adjustments to storage solutions and unpacking my beloved Magimix food processor when we have space for it. The Little Sausage's room is finished and is now a lovely space for her to sleep and play. Pictures to come when its done and tidy...

This Friday afternoon, we are dropping the Little Sausage at her grandparents house, and swinging by IKEA for the aforementioned bed on the way home. We'll then head off to Strasbourg for the weekend for some much needed mamma and pappa time, as well as re-visiting our former home. We love Strasbourg and will someday return there to live when things fall into place in the future... I think it's the best place for us since it's both French and German, satisfying my need for a more familiar home.

My sister recently came from London to visit for a week and she brought over a lot of things I had ordered online in the UK and had delivered to her house so she could bring them over for me. Things such as clothes and shoes are SOOO much cheaper in the UK compared to France (let alone food and electronics which is another story altogether!). The Little Sausage needed a whole new season of outfits for the Autumn/Winter and I needed some new things to carry me through the winter too. Also, since the children's clothes here in France are very neutral and stock-standard, the things I bought in the UK are a little more funky and playful so she doesn't look like a cookie-cutter toddler like the rest of the kids here. What I mean by that is that all the kids look the same, in the same cut/design, the same dull neutral colours, and nothing cheerful or playful. It's like they dress them as little adults and I want the Little Sausage to get her fix of being a kid until she can choose her own clothes when she's older. For now, I want her to be bold and have some fun with her clothes.

So that's the latest. I'll be trying to keep up with this month's photo-a-day challenge as much as I can to keep things more lively around here and to update the blog more frequently.

À bientôt ! ("See you soon!")

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