Friday, 30 November 2012

Tartiflette {cheesy potato & bacon bake}

Winter is on it's way in Paris, and the cold weather is begging for comforting, carb-heavy meals. I read on Twitter that someone was making it because it was so cold outside and I thought that seemed to be a very good idea!

Fresh and hot out of the oven, Tartiflette is a French staple on these cold winter nights. Originally from the Haute Savoie (Alpine) region of France, and supposedly invented by the Roblochon cheese makers to make excellent use of their cheese, it consists mainly of bacon, onions, and potatoes smothered in a cheesy creamy sauce. I didn't use a written recipe, but instead thought about what a Tartiflette should be like and improvised using the traditional ingredients, plus some spring onions (scallions) and crème fraîche for colour and creaminess, respectively.

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