Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 15: In your bag [all the essentials]

These days I carry a backpack as it's the easiest way of carrying all the things I need without a handbag getting in the way of carrying the baby (in either her carrier or with the pram). Just to leave the house I have to get myself, the baby, and her pram down five steps to the lift (which stops every half level - go figure!), open the heavy lift door, get in, etc... it's hard work and usually I'm in a sweat by the time we get to the ground floor. Thus, a backpack was one less thing I need to carry. I have a really subtle-yet-classy one from Longchamp (the colour is 'Myrtille') which I'm really happy with. It goes with every outfit and is really slimline. And, no, I'm not being sponsored by Longchamp!

Created by and thanks to #FMSphotoaday @FatMumSlim

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