Sunday, 19 August 2012

A trip to a French mega-supermarket

A little while back we needed to go to a larger supermarket to get all the ingredients we needed to cater for a party we were having. All the fresh things like fruits and vegetables we could get at the local market, but for the rest we needed to go here. A trip to the "Giant Carrefour" in Villiers-en-Biere is always a highlight for me because it's got everything you need, and plenty of it, on display. 

It's still so much fun for me to go to supermarkets in other countries. I'm not used to so much variety growing up in Australia. In other countries, butter is just butter. Here, it's a whole aisle of different kinds, from different places, salted or unsalted, with gourmet salt or unpasturised. Cheese is a whole 'nother matter: the whole section smells of old socks, but it's fascinating to see all the different kinds of what is essentially curdled milk solids.

The entrance to Carrefour Hypermarket


Grated cheese section: the most popular is Emmental

Various soft cheeses, cream cheeses, and goats cheese

The cheese counter. Must be a smelly job!

Blue cheeses and assorted firmer cheeses

Chèvre, or goats milk, cheeses, my personal favourites!

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