Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A full circle, back to Paris

So we've not only arrived in Paris, but hired a truck, drove back to Brighton, packed our stuff into said truck and drove all the way back again. Our boxes and furniture are waiting for us in the basement garage of the in-laws, ready to be moved this Sunday into our new apartment in Paris. It's been a busy few weeks!

In other news, the Little Sausage has turned one! We had a small family lunch, which I catered, spending most of the day in the hot kitchen churning out homemade spinach feta triangles, tomato basil mozzarella spikes; venison wellingtons, and chocolate Moelleux (with molten or oozy centres). Tasty but boy were we full! Of course, the obligatory cupcakes were baked. It's a shame that we were living out of suitcases so I couldn't go all out like I had wanted to for the Little Sausage's big day, but it was a lovely day none the less. Even my sister was able to be there all the way from London, so they day was complete.  

We don't have proper Internet connection for a least a couple more weeks (apparently it takes two weeks to ship out the router box... Hmmm) and are surviving off 3G on our iPhones. Makes things a bit tough to stay in contact with family or to get homework for my Masters done, but I'll survive none-the-less. For now, I will keep you up to date with the happenings through July Photo a Day... It's not the whole story, but at least a few little snippets of my daily life at the moment. In the meantime, things may be a bit wonky here (photos, formatting, etc) as I am posting from mobile devices and the blogger platform doesn't allow you to refine things like you can on a desktop. I'll try to fix things when everything's back to normal.

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