Monday, 7 May 2012

Rachel Khoo (Little Paris Kitchen) book signing @ Harrods

Being quite a fan of Rachel Khoo's 'Little Paris Kitchen' series and book, my sister and I met up in London for the day so that we could go to the book signing and cooking demonstration at Harrods.

Beforehand though, we met up with her at IKEA. The Frenchman, Little Sausage and I headed to East Croydon (about 3/4 the way up to London) to meet up with my sister to take a wander around IKEA and to partake in the super 99p breakfast. Sounds strange, but it's weirdly a highlight of our trips there. After a good wander around (ok, I admit, we went around twice) we parted ways, the Frenchman on daddy duty back to Brighton and my sister and I up to London for an afternoon of galavanting and finally, the book signing that evening.

We headed up to Oxford Street and on to Carnaby Street for some coffee and a quick trip to Johnny Cupcakes. Sadly, no photos to show you. Then on to Harrods in Knightsbridge to attend the signing.

Rachel arrived and began preparing savoury chou puffs, known as Gougeres. In typical Murphy's Law fashion something went wrong and the consistency of the dough was too runny. She said she would sign some books and come back to it afterwards. We lined up and had our books signed, but left without waiting around again afterwards because it was very stuffy in there and we didn't much fancy standing around in the crowd. And plus, our feet really really hurt from being our our feet all day and from standing around for so long while waiting for the event to start. So there.

A typical, 'lets take a picture of ourselves' shot

We got to Victoria station for our journey home. The kicker is that I gave my sister my book to hold on to while I went to the ATM. We then parted ways in a hurry with me completely forgetting to get my book bag back! 

Alas, my newly bought and signed book is in her care and I've not even had a chance to read it yet! I'll have to pop up to London to get it back at some point (although she assures me that she's taking good care of it for me. However, she has a history of torturing my books, see point 6 here). 

All in all, a welcome (and much needed!) day and night off from mummy-duty and a chance to meet a Rachel and say hello. 

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