Thursday, 12 April 2012

What's been happening lately

Not a lot has been happening lately. 

We are stuck in a rut until we get some news regarding the Frenchman's possible relocation. It is very likely we are going, but for now, we are in limbo and it sucks! It's so boring! I don't like to start anything when we know we'll be leaving soon, so no job, no child care, no activities, or meeting new people. No decorating and making our home homey. Just waiting for the news that we are leaving. 

Since the Little Sausage has developed a fear of all things loud - including the tape dispenser, packing is only possible when she is out of the house. And since that doesn't happen very often (I'm with her 24/7), it's pretty boring around here with not much to do!

So we take walks on the Frenchman's days off. The baby falls asleep in bed, sitting up. I cook a little. We feed the Little Sausage to giant lobsters on the beach. 

New and exciting things are coming. Just not yet. And the waiting is hard. We've been doing it for the last two months and we are getting a little stir-crazy. Return to a familiar city, a new lifestyle, a renewed relationship with family, child care, more study for me, continuing my quest to learn French, and a return to our hobbies are on the horizon. I just can't wait to set sail!

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