Tuesday, 17 April 2012

10 things about me

Since not much is happening around here, except for the continuous waiting, I thought I would share a list of ten things about me.

1. I have join-y ear lobes and am outnumbered by flappy earlobes in my family. My sister (a flappy) likes to mock me about this.

2. I burn my tongue really easy on hot foods and drinks. For example, I just burned my tongue on my hot chocolate. It's not particularly hot to the Frenchman. What's perfectly fine to most people burns the crap out of my tongue. Weird. 

3. My hair is so straight that hairdressers often ask how long it takes me to straighten my hair. When I tell them I don't, they're shocked and impressed. I've been playing around with the idea of perming my hair, because I think it looks too flat sometimes. 

4. Most people have difficulty picking my accent. South African currently takes the lead. I pick up accents quite easily and I absorb them. I have a mishmash of Australia, German, New Zealand, and British, with a twang of French thrown in thanks to the Frenchman.

5. I love clothes, makeup and fashion, yet I'm pretty conservative and mostly wear classic styles in neutral colours. I would probably be more adventurous if I could fit into smaller sizes. I'll be working on that. My makeup is minimal because I never wanted to draw too much attention to my bad skin. Since my skin is getting better, I've been a bit more heavy on the lips and eyes, which I love. Retro style makeup is my bag, baby.

6. I'm a bookworm and very pedantic about how I take care of my books. My books look new even after I've read them a few times. My sister, again, likes to tease me about this by pretending to rest her glass of water on top of the book I'm reading. She gets me even time! I'm now into e-books to save space on my book shelf, except for cook books. I will always get those in "physical" form.

7. I'm a really particular eater. For a person that loves food, I really am not that adventurous about it. Smoked salmon, caviar, offal, lamb, jelly, oysters, drinks in odd shaped bottles, and blue cheeses freak me out. So basically, what most people think of as the "good" stuff. Also, I'm not much of a fan of alcohol, except in cocktail form, and then only if it's the few ones I like and still makes me gag if it's too strong. I'm trying to train myself to like wine. The french family thinks I'm an oddity.

8. I grew up in my parents' bakery (from the age of two until I was nineteen) and thus am enamoured by bread. I love the stuff. I can tell just by looking or poking something baking in the oven if it's good or not, or when it's cut open and something's gone wrong. I'm a bit of a bread whisperer. 

9. While pregnant with the Little Sausage, I couldn't get enough cucumber or bell peppers (red or yellow especially). Nutella toast helped with morning sickness, and decaf coffee was my friend.

10. I love IKEA. I can just walk around it for hours. We have lunch in the cafeteria (not meatballs though - a nasty bout of gastro after eating them and other things when I was younger still makes me avoid them), and go through the store all over again, as long as it's not too busy. Some people hate IKEA, I don't know why. 

So that's it. Ten things, a few of them weird and silly, for you to get to know who this strange person is, in case you're interested. 

Hopefully, I'll have some positive news for you soon!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

What to do with myself

We have decided that this is the year we turn our life around. I have been very down of late and I can't help to think of all the things I have missed by being an expat.

If I were still at "home", I would have finished my studies sooner. I would very likely have a kickass job and probably live in Melbourne or Sydney. That's as far as I daydream. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. But "career-wise" I've taken quite a bit of a detour (off a cliff!).

There are things I'm most certainly grateful for. I met the Frenchman while galavanting around the world. I've lived in nine cities in the last five years. I've lived in five different countries. I had a little French-German-Australian baby in Brighton. We are fortunate to have a roof over our heads, food our plates, and love for each other. But I'm bored. It seems as if we've been waiting for life to happen (due to circumstances in, and sometimes out, of our control) and since I believe we make our own fortunes, this lifestyle must change!

This year, we want to move, so when that happens, I am going to:
-- Start my Masters degree online (choosing between two - one that looks better on my resume because it is more broad, and another because it is in conjunction with a very prestigious school that has major bragging rights. I must decide soon - I'm thinking of #2)
-- Apply for a particular Patisserie course, held once weekly in the evenings. No baby sitter required that way. It won't be Le Cordon Bleu (who can afford that, anyway?!) but it will be the best way for me to get back into the game.
-- Learn more French so I can get a proper job, not just teach English for the rest of my life *insert vomit face*
-- Spend more time on my hobbies. Scrapbooking, cooking and baking, travelling are all important to me and I've missed them. Eventually I want to take up a sport (I'm leaning towards horse riding).
-- Leave the city once a month and go on day trips. Fruit picking and chateau tours come to mind.
-- Have date night and ship off the Little Sausage to her grandparents for one weekend a month. Going to the movies and a nice restaurant are on the agenda.
-- Walk and explore the city. You could probably live there a life time and still discover something new.

More news will follow when we have it. For now, we're still waiting... waiting... waiting!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

What's been happening lately

Not a lot has been happening lately. 

We are stuck in a rut until we get some news regarding the Frenchman's possible relocation. It is very likely we are going, but for now, we are in limbo and it sucks! It's so boring! I don't like to start anything when we know we'll be leaving soon, so no job, no child care, no activities, or meeting new people. No decorating and making our home homey. Just waiting for the news that we are leaving. 

Since the Little Sausage has developed a fear of all things loud - including the tape dispenser, packing is only possible when she is out of the house. And since that doesn't happen very often (I'm with her 24/7), it's pretty boring around here with not much to do!

So we take walks on the Frenchman's days off. The baby falls asleep in bed, sitting up. I cook a little. We feed the Little Sausage to giant lobsters on the beach. 

New and exciting things are coming. Just not yet. And the waiting is hard. We've been doing it for the last two months and we are getting a little stir-crazy. Return to a familiar city, a new lifestyle, a renewed relationship with family, child care, more study for me, continuing my quest to learn French, and a return to our hobbies are on the horizon. I just can't wait to set sail!