Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Lanes of Brighton

The Lanes is the 'old town' of Brighton that I absolutely love. 

When there's nothing else to do, I stroll around the area and window-shop the stunning boutiques and specialty stores in the cobble stone streets. Just on the edge, the high-end stores are lined up on the "Rodeo Drive" of Brighton, also know as East Street. 

Taking up a small area of Brighton town centre near the ocean, The Lanes is filled with unique boutiques, restaurants (chain and independent) as well as jewellers and art galleries. 

My favourite boutique is 'Papillion', a beautiful store full of things to decorate your home. I come in at least once a week or so to drool and daydream how I wish I could decorate my apartment. After talking to the owner, he said he goes regularly to the trade shows in Paris and Stockholm to secure the latest fashions in home furnishing. A lot of the stock is from SIA as well as some local designers and companies. Really classy, unique things!

8 Union Street, 
Brighton, BN1 1HA

There's also a little independent toy shop, called Potter's Children Store where I love to pick up wooden toys for the Little Sausage. The prices are very reasonable and they import a lot of their stock from Europe as well. I always prefer wooden toys over plastic, so I like coming here because they have so many cute and interesting toys. I can't wait to buy little wooden train sets or wooden picnic sets for the Little Sausage when she's older! In the meantime, they have little wooden handheld toys for under-12 month olds that will satisfy me until she's older.

Potter's Children Store
41 Meeting House Lane
Brighton, BN1 1HB

If you come to Brighton, you can't miss it. Most tourists come here and it's such a special place for locals too. 

*Photos used, with permission, by Nadja E.

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