Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cafe Sacher

One of the cake-related highlights of our recent trip to Vienna was Cafe Sacher. The official home of the Sacher torte, and descendants of the inventor of the closely-kept secret recipe, they hold the trophy for my favourite version of this Viennese delicacy. 

Once inside I was transported back a century to times when presentation and opulence was an important part of the Viennese cafe culture. I like this kind of thing! The serving staff were dressed in pristine suits and dresses, there was an atmosphere of upper class elegance, and our order was served on silver trays. I found myself in my own little place of luxury, something I think everyone likes to experience once in a while!

They have a long history and even Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria was said to have ordered cakes from Cafe Sacher, which we learned from the little booklet (with the menu and Cafe Sacher's history inside) on each table. 

I had a hot chocolate with espresso (much like a Mocha), and the Frenchman had hot chocolate with Sacher liqueur which was a chocolatey liquor you could pour yourself into your drink, to your taste. Delicious. Not cheap, but well worth the expense. The cake itself was moist and chocolatey with a nice proportion of apricot conserve between the layers. Sometimes others use too much apricot however this was perfect. 

Café Sacher, Wien 
Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 - 51 456 0
Tel.: +43 (0)1 - 51 456 0

*Disclaimer: no one approached me or paid for any part of this review. This review is my opinion based on my own experience. No one benefits from this review in any way, except you, the public, who may go there and enjoy the cake as much as I did.

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