Friday, 6 January 2012

Stormy seas of Brighton and a vacation

The Little Sausage has been bored lately. We've spent a lot of time indoors during the last week or so, since the weather around these parts has been wet and windy. The baby seems to have a dislike of wind. She sucks in her breath and starts flapping like a demented penguin at every strong gust of wind so I try to avoid it when ever possible, especially the kind of gale force winds we've been experiencing here in the UK of late.

Yesterday was the start of the Frenchman's four day weekend (he had to work through his last days off, so he gets to make up for it now). Since I need more than my own two hands to get the baby into her pram, I have to wait until I have help to take her out in it. Usually I just carry her in the sling, but she's getting so heavy and the winter suit is so puffy that she is getting too big for it. It was a nice mild day, although still very windy, but at least we had a wind/rain cover for the pram, coocoon-ing the Little Sausage inside.

Although you can't really tell much from the photo, it was still incredibly windy. We left the water front and headed inland to do our exploring. Not that exciting really. Most of it was built up area and I forgot about taking photos. I guess I didn't find my surroundings to be that interesting. No wonder most photos of Brighton show the waterfront ;-)

Today brings a day of hair cutting, a dentist appointment and my continued quest of de-cluttering the apartment. I am also preparing our "to-pack" list as next Saturday, we are going on holiday! We will go to my in-laws house in the Ile-de-France for two weeks. The Frenchman and I will also take a mini side-trip to Vienna to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I can't wait! The Little Sausage will stay behind and be spoiled by her grandparents (and her aunt and uncle on the weekend too). I will both miss her and enjoy the time off - I guess most mothers would say that too! We will also drive in to Paris during our trip to meet up with friends, and with the baby revisit our old haunts. Patisserie Stoher, and Mora are calling my name! The Frenchman will also visit his former work place (same company he's still with but former store) and catch up on the latest goings-on.  

All in all, a change of scenery and some mama-time off will do us all some good!

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