Saturday, 1 October 2011

Summer in Autumn

It's 25 degrees (celsius) on the first day of October and I've got the windows open as far as they'll go. There's a gentle breeze coming in and it's a beautiful day. The whole week has been in the mid to high 20s and everyone is talking about Indian Summer. The shorts and t-shirts have come out (just last week I had the heaters on I was so cold!). Even the Little Sausage is in a short sleeved body suit today.

Naturally the Brits are flocking to the beach and dragging out the barbecues. Any ray of sunshine and they make the most of it! After all, this summer has been a bust. We could count on two hands how many truly warm sunny days we've had this year. My tan is pretty much non-existent and my tiny flat has no balcony. Sadly, no barbecue for us today.

I'm working on a project. Since we're trying to avoid putting Little Sausage into childcare, full time work is out of the question for me. I've managed to get a part time job working 10 hours over the weekend at a retail store (while the Frenchman stays at home to babysit), it's not enough to sustain us and I've been thinking of ways to supplement our income. Internet/home-based business comes to mind and I've been making the necessary phone calls and emails to try to make this happen. In what, you ask? Baking, of course!

So I'm starting a home catering business and I'm hoping to get a stall at the local Farmer's Market. It's a start. The dream is to have my own bakery shop/café, so hopefully this is a stepping stone on the way to making this happen.

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