Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Experimenting with Macarons

I baked my first chocolate macarons about three years ago and they turned out pretty good.

Each had the elusive "foot" that macarons are supposed to have, they were light, crisp, shiny, and very very good.

Then, just yesterday I attempted them again. And lo and behold. They sucked. Only some had a slight "foot", they were dry and brittle, and not at all what a macaroni should be. It's always disappointing when you spend the time and effort baking something and it just doesn't work. I'm tempted to give it up and go back to the same recipes I know will work and I'm good at. But then I'm stuck making the same things over and over again which I'm ashamed to say, I have been doing for the last few months. 

Enough of that, I say!

Today I will attempt Round 3 of baking macarons. This time, I'll be baking Coconut Macarons and I will follow the recipe to the letter. That said, the recipe is in French and I am not French. I can read it pretty well, but not perfectly, so maybe that will be my downfall.

Here goes!

Results will be published, good or bad...

Stay tuned!

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