Monday, 24 May 2010

May update

I think I'm going to have to re-name this blog: "Tales of the Serial Mover".

Seriously, here we go again - moving to my 7th city in 5 years.

Count them - SEVEN! Perth, Guelph, Canberra, Auckland, London, Paris, and drumroll please - Nice, France!

This time I can totally justify it (well, actually, I can probably always find something to justify myself)!

Paris is expensive. Without being able to speak French, my job prospects here are severely limited and without the desire to teach English, I am unemployed. Living on one income is no fun and the Frenchman had an opportunity to get transferred to Nice, and here we are again. If we stayed in Paris, we could only afford a shoebox sized apartment for a lot of money. If we move to Nice, we can afford a larger shoebox for less money. Also, having grown up near the beach, I have to admit I miss the salty air and fresh breezes. I wasn't really a beachy person before, but i think things closer to nature is better for the both of us.

So once again, I find myself surrounded by packing boxes. It seems to be a reoccurring fixture in our household!

So, during my last two months here in Paris, I shall try to post something once in a while. The weather here has finally brightened and the Parisiens are flocking to the coast and are being replaced by tourists flocking to the city. The temperature today is 29 degrees celsius and the sun is beating down on the city. It doesn't sound very hot but remember this is a city without air conditioning or breezes and many enclosed areas with lots and lots of people. Not my idea of fun. I think I belong someone in the snow where I can leave and go holiday in the sun for 2 weeks and then go back to the cold. I like the cold.

From my window I can see others basking in the sun from their balconies as today is yet again a public holiday in France. Just don't ask me which one as this is the 4th public holiday this month alone and I've lost the botheredness to keep track... lets just assume it's another religious holiday.

(*update: it is Pentecost today - so I was right - just always assume it is a religious holiday and you'll be fine!)

I've also decided to study again - postgraduate Masters. I've also decided to attempt two Masters at once since I'm not working (and I couldn't decide between the two very different topics). I'm a sucker for self punishment and I think I can handle it if I'm organised and pull my thumb out of my you-know-where. I've been accepted to one already and am waiting to hear about the other soon, so wish me luck!

So, dear people, I'm off to spray water on myself as a feeble attempt at cooling down and to stop the dry air of Paris from sucking all moisture from my skin making me look like Imhotep from The Mummy before he sucks the life out of those unfortunate people who dared to open his chest of goodies.


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