Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Vanilla cupcakes

Yes, cupcakes again - but I am happy to report that I have perfected my buttercream icing. It tastes just like it should and not too sickly sweet. 


Saturday, 28 March 2009

A trip to Jamie Oliver's Recipease

Excuse the slightly out of focus photos - taken quickly with an iPhone.

Last Saturday, the Frenchman and I took a trip to Clapham Junction to visit the new store of Jamie Oliver, which had opened a couple of weeks earlier.

The pink building was noticeable right away, and once inside, it was tempting to buy everything and join in one of the interactive cooking sessions on offer. I think we will enrol the Frenchman in some of those later on ; )

Friday, 27 March 2009

Black Forest cupcakes

Chocolate cherry cake base with fresh Kirsch cream and sour cherries. Yum yum!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Lemon Meringue cupcakes

A quick post to share my lemon meringue cupcakes - un-taste-able unfortunately, in the virtual world, but live close to me and you may just become one of my lucky guinea pigs who gets to test out my latest creations as I tweak the recipes.

The Frenchman, the big sister, and the work colleagues all get to try them this week, even after my manager banned sweets for at least a month after the last few weeks of overindulging in party food that random people brought into the office (farewell parties, general snacking, friday afternoon teas, etc) - a ban on junk and a "fresh fruit only for the next couple of weeks" demand was put down.
Well, technically speaking, these do have fresh lemon juice and zest - that totally counts as fresh fruit! ; )