Thursday, 17 September 2009

We have arrived in Paris

 Yes, we did it again...we have moved... again!

This time we have settled in Paris for the foreseeable future. The Frenchman has been transfered here with work and my mission is to learn frogspeak (aka: French). I am known to throw myself in the deep end (on several occasions) and this is no different. I've applied for a course in "Cuisine Traditionelle" (totally taught in French, might I add) and hope to get a place since I've already missed out on the Pâtisserie class because they were already full by the time I applied. That seems to be my M.O. - lets discover things at the last minute and apply for them! Yay! This time I wasn't so lucky with the Patisserie class but fingers crossed for the other one.

So... we arrived on Monday night, tired, exhausted, and it was raining. We had made a pact that we would eat breakfast properly on our first official day living in Paris and so we set off for Gérard Mulot who had been given a pretty good review on The Puff List. What we didn't realise until after we arrived was that they only served their €9.50 breakfast special on the weekends, and since it was Tuesday, no super breakfast feast for us :-(

We could have taken a pastry and a coffee separately to have at a little table in the corner, but it seemed a bit like a consolation prize that I wasn't so happy to have. 

Instead, we came across a cute little bistrot/café on the way back to the Métro station that had a good looking breakfast to offer. Café Le Moderne on the rue Saint Antoine had a breakfast menu for €6.70 that included a hot drink (we had hot chocolate, of course), a tartine (basically, baguette halves with spread - in this case, strawberry jam and butter), a croissant, and freshly pressed orange juice. The hot chocolate came strong and concentrated and you could add as much or as little milk as you pleased. Unfortunately ours were lukewarm, but the taste was there and was a much more pleasant hot chocolate experience than what some other cafés have served. The croissant was flaky and the baguette tartine came pre-buttered (pity for those who don't like butter with their jam) with a little dish of strawberry jam on the side. 

The highlight, I must say, was the freshly squeezed orange juice served in little wine glasses. It made the whole deal much more classy! It wasn't altogether the greatest breakfast I've ever had, but it certainly hit the spot after our unsuccessful trip to Gérard Mulot. We'll try again on a weekend sometime.

Café Le Moderne
10 rue Saint-Antoine
75004 Paris
Métro: Bastille

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