Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mother Mash

The Frenchman and I are spending our last few days exploring the touristy side of London before we move to back to Paris. One his last day of work, the Frenchman and a colleague from work went to lunch at Mother Mash which is just off Regent Street. The next day, after visiting the Queen* we went to have lunch at Mother Mash since the Frenchman said it was quite good and we were in the neighbourhood anyway.

*Queen was not actually present at the time, but we got to see Buckingham Palace anyway

At first, it was a little hard to find since we were working off the Frenchman's memory and not an actual map or address, so we ended up walking around the Carnaby Street area and eventually found it just off one of the side streets. It is a small but deep restaurant and is not much to look at from the outside. I probably wouldn't have noticed it if we hadn't been deliberately going there for lunch. Once inside, we sat at a booth that was a bit higher than usual and I had trouble staying on the bench without sliding off it. My feet didn't touch the ground and it wasn't until I had slid off the seat a few times that I noticed a foot rest under the table which made things a lot easier.

The premise of Mother Mash is that you order from their 3 Step menu: Choose your Mash, Choose your Sausage or Pie, and then Choose your Gravy. There is plenty of choice and almost everyone would be able to find something they would enjoy (unless they hate mash and sausages - but then why would they come to a Mash-house anyway?). 

The waitress mumbled her way through the Specials-of-the-Day, so I don't really know what other choices we had but I was happy with what I could choose from the menu. I took the Colcannon Mash / Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie / Farmer's Gravy. The Frenchman had the: Cheesy Mustard Mash / Cumberland Sausages / Onion Gravy. For me, the Onion Gravy was quite sweet and not bold enough for my tastes. The Cumberland's weren't the best I've ever tasted, but they were good none-the-less. My pie had tender chunks of beef and the pastry was nice and crisp. I was very happy to taste a strong gravy, which was bold and very red wine-y. Being German, I have to have plenty of sauce with my potato and there was.

Our order came pretty quickly and after whipping out my camera and taking photos, I wondered how they formed the mash into such a cool and appetizing shape. I wanted to charm my way into the kitchen to ask but hunger stopped me.

All-in-All, I would be happy to go back if I came back to London and was in the area. Service-wise, it was ok and the waitress was pleasant enough but hard to understand because she mumbled quietly with a heavy accent.

There are heaps of restaurants around this area but they range from super-classy-expensive or dingy-back-alley type places. This one is in the middle and is well worth the price. I would give it an 8/10.

Mother Mash
26 Ganton Street
Ph: 020 7494 9644

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