Saturday, 21 February 2009

We're Moving!

Yes yes, I know - long time no see but I have valid excuses, I swear! 

It's finally time for us to move into our new apartment and not a minute too soon. I'm up early writing this at 7am, courtesy of my lovely neighbour who has decided to move boxes in her kitchen at the crack of dawn and talk like an idiot to her dog. Do these people never sleep in (or even better, do these people not have any common courtesy?!?)

Any way, back to the topic - we are moving. Be it just a few blocks away, but it's going to be the start of late morning sleep ins and clean fresh air (as opposed to the constant stench of weed drifting up through our floor boards from the flat downstairs). 

Down the hall - the view from the bedroom to the living room (kitchen and bathroom on the left).

My new (tiny) kitchen! The oven seems decent but the thing that I am most bummed about is the electric hob stove - no gas! Argh! But as this will most likely be short term, I can deal with it  ; )

We have a courtyard garden! Wooohooo! Bring on the barbecues!

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