Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day - London shuts down

I woke up at 6 this morning to a scene straight out of a christmas film. Turning on the news, I hear that most of London has shut down - including airports, the entire London bus network, the trains, etc etc. Apparently it was the heaviest prolonged snow fall since 1991. Nineteen years of mild winters left London unprepared and the city basically ground to a halt as they struggled to get their trucks out to grit the roads.

The roads in our borough hadn't been salted at all so it was tough going for the cars and the few people braving the outdoors. My main tube line that I take to work had been suspended completely, so my only other alternative was to take another line from the other side of Wimbledon. I was stalling for time (since my office has a flex-time policy and is quite lenient when it comes to lateness - as long as you make it up another time) and was not looking forward to getting wet from the snow, as it was just below knee height and I didn't have the proper gear for venturing out across the city in the elements. 

Lucky for me, my manager texted us all and told us that if it wasn't safe for us to get to/from work then we shouldn't make the journey. It turns out that most of the office wasn't going in, so neither did I! 


I've been looking out the window all day, seeing adults and children (most schools are also shut) frolicking in the snow, building snow men, and taking photos. I felt like an 8 year old, making snow balls and playing with the snow on my balcony. I do need to venture out of the house later to run errands, but luckily it's not far and I can come home straight away to get back into my pajamas! ; )

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