Friday, 23 January 2009


Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) - Rome, Italy

The Frenchman and I are married (!) and back from our mini-moon in Rome!

A highlight on our last day where we stumbled across a tiny cafe where we got our first  REAL cappuccino (real = creamy foam sans sprinkles and ultra strong) and tiny nutella-filled cannoli. Simple but oh-so delicious! We we actually looking for a featured cafe in the Frenchman's city guide but we look one look at it and turned around (bare and uninviting). A few paces away was this little cafe and what a great accidental find it was (sorry no name or photos, my bad).

With me being obsessed with Bruschetta (of the tomato or 'Pomodoro' kind), we tried to track down any restaurants featuring it (which come to think of it, automatically steers us towards the "tourist" food restaurants as it must be a summer dish because tomatoes are generally ripest during summer time? Maybe?). Even so, most were absolutely delicious and since the frenchman doesn't dig tomatoes, he opted for the melone e procsciutto (honey dew melon with cured ham) and that was great too, even with the staggering 10 euro price tag. But hey - how often do you go to Italy or even honeymoon in Italy? Hence, a little splurging is ok... and for good food, I think it's worth it.

Now, I can't have gone to Italy without trying a little bit of pizza. I know I wasn't in real Pizza land, a.k.a. Naples, but when in Rome... and so on... you just have to find some. Around the corner from the Trevi fountain was an unsuspecting little take-away pizzeria where all the locals seemed to be lining up for (our definition of locals = the majority of people speaking very fast in a language that was not english, french, or german*) and which looked pretty authentic.

Meet the friendly folk at 'Pizza Con La Mortadella'

Sold by the slice, which is custom cut depending on how hungry you are, it is then weighed and tossed in the roasting hot pizza oven for reheating. Meanwhile, you pay according to weight and it is seriously cheap. They hand you your slice on a sheet of wax paper and it is crisp, slightly chewy and so so good. The pizzas are simple and ultra fresh, using seasonal ingredients and the price is right!

Zucchini and Anchovy pizza slice


* English, French, and German being the languages we know fluently between us.

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